Thursday, December 9

EndSARS: Stop dissipating energy in Lagos, protest rot at home – IPAN tells Igbo youths

Igbos for a Progressive Nigeria (IPAN) has condemned the leading roles of people of the Southeast during the Wednesday’s protest in Lagos, in commemoration of one year #EndSARS protest.

IPAN said Ndigbo should channel their energies and resources on the development of region and the welfare of their people across the country.

National President of the group, Comrade Lawrence Onuzulike in a statement, said prominent leaders of the zone should fashion out alternative means of championing Igbos’ interest, especially on their status in the country.

He said, “As Igbo people once again lead the Endsars protests in Lagos today, IPAN wonders why fearless Igbo youths and celebrities often lead protests in Lagos, Abuja and in other non Southeastern states, but hardly protest against the misrule by South East governors.

“Why is the development of Lagos, Kaduna, Abuja and other regions more important to Ndigbo than the development of Igboland?

“Are Igbo people satisfied with the situation of things at home? South East is ravaged by bad roads, floods, gullies, poverty, Insecurity and bad leadership at every level, yet we the Igbos are often seen fighting for non Igbo leaders to be held accountable.

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“Shouldn’t we bring the energy home? Since Insecurity engulfed the South East, IPAN is the only organization that has stormed the streets of South East twice to protest. IPAN speaks out weekly against the decaying infrastructures in the South East, the blatant misrule and heartless looting by the leaders.

“We call on Igbos both in the South East and in other regions to channel their energies into holding South East leaders accountable, as the development of our region should be our priority.”

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