EndSARS: Refrain From Using Force, CiZC Tells Nigerian Authorities 1

EndSARS: Refrain From Using Force, CiZC Tells Nigerian Authorities

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition(CiZC), an umbrella body of civic society organisations in Zimbabwe, has called on Nigerian authorities to refrain from the use of excessive force as citizens protest against police brutality.

According to the group, they say, the protesters in Nigeria are demanding good governance and an end to police brutality and it was irresponsible for the Nigerian government to use guns to silence dissenting voices.

They also added that the move to deploy the army against unarmed civilians was an act of State-sponsored terror which has no place in a modern democracy.

They pleaded with the Nigerian authorities to exercise maximum restraint in dealing with dissenting voices, while making a clarion call to protesters to exercise peace during the demonstrations against police brutality.

Meanwhile, CiZC have asked the Nigerian government to investigate the extrajudicial killings and bring perpetrators to book, reform the police service as a matter of urgency and also ensure justice for victims as well as compensation of victims of the barbaric acts by the army.

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