ENDSARS: Imo State govt Imposes 24-hour curfew 1

ENDSARS: Imo State govt Imposes 24-hour curfew

The Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma has declared a twenty- four hour curfew across the state due to what he called, security reports indicating that some unscrupulous persons have concluded plans to hide under and hijack the ENDSARS protest with a view to cause mayhem in the state

The governor, in a late evening broadcast said that the curfew takes effect from 12 midnight of Tuesday, adding that by this development nobody is expected to be on the streets both day and night.

He said that the action was necessitated by “recent developments in the country and the attendant attempt by unpatriotic elements in our state to buy into it to ignite social unrest in the state.”

He expressed displeasure that the legitimate demands of the youth mainly for the scrapping of the special police unit known as SARS because of the alleged brutal tactics employed by them in dealing with members of the public, had been hijacked by hoodlums.

He said, “I personally addressed the protesting youths in Owerri and assured them that my government will not support any form of police brutality against our people. I also gave them my word that I will lend my support for a refined police force that will treat citizens with dignity and respect.

“Fortunately, President Buhari did not prevaricate in acceeding to the demands of the EndSARS protesters. He has ordered for the disbanding of SARS and also approved for the immediate reform of the police force. It was to be expected that with these instant concessions by the Presidency, the protests would have abated.

” But the contrary is the case as the protests have persisted This development is creating the impression that the protests may not have been solely motivated by the desire to end SARS or to secure assurance of police reform.

“Sadly, some unscrupulous and unpatriotic elements in Imo State have concluded arrangements to hide under the end SARS protests to sponsor some youths to embark on new protests in the State. I understand that the sponsors of the protests are using the state of roads in the state to further persuade the youths to embark on the action. This is most unpatriotic and unfortunate,” he added.

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