Drama as tricycle operators reject Tinubu’s campaign sticker [Video]

Drama as tricycle operators reject Tinubu’s campaign sticker [Video]

Mild drama played out in the Agbado area of Lagos State on Tuesday when the Commercial Tricycle Union in the area attempted to force Keke riders to pay the sum of N500 to obtain and place the campaign sticker of the All Progressives Congress, APC presidential candidate in the 2023 presidential election, Bola Tinubu on their Keke.

A video which had gone viral on social media on Tuesday showed one of the union agent mounting pressure on a Keke driver to pay the sticker fee.

The Video

The Keke rider was seen insisting that he was not going to pay a dime for the sticker. He also charged the union official to take off the sticker from his Keke, insisting that he would rather park the Keke than have Tinubu’s campaign sticker on it.

People could be seen in the viral video showing their displeasure with the development.

One of the elderly men at the park who confronted the union official could be heard saying: “Can you pay for this sticker yourself? If it were you, would you pay?

“We are paying for council and other necessary dues but we can’t accept this“, they argued in the Yoruba language.

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