Dont be distracted by presidency promises from Abuja, IGA boss warns Gov Soludo, others

Don’t be distracted by presidency promises from Abuja, IGA boss warns Gov Soludo, others

By: Ifeoma Ejiofor

The President of Imo General Assembly (IGA) Nnewi chapter, Chief Chinedu Igwe has warned the Anambra State governor, Prof Charles Soludo not to be distracted by promises by Abuja to make him Nigerian president after his tenure as governor.

Chief Igwe dropped this warning during an interactive session with journalists in Nnewi yesterday.

The IGA boss noted that the Abuja influential politicians have always been promising Igbo politicians what is not in their hands to give and in the process make forward looking Igbo sons and daughters lost concentration.

He however noted that the development is hinged on the selfish attitude of the many of the Igbo political class whose major aim is to get to the summit at the expense of the welfare of the generality of Ndigbo.

“Selfishness is the problem for the Igbo race, I knew that a wise man is the one who learn from other people’s mistakes, but some of our so called leaders have forgotten the wise sayings, they keeping starting like heroes and end up as cowards.

“Most of them are our choosen governors in Igboland who started so very well on a good promissory note but ended up as valians because of their hunger for the rich porridge from Abuja. In some cases, the Igbo politicians are promised the presidency with the conditions that they should work against their own people.

“For example it happened in Abia State with Orji Uzor Kalu in 1999, he was the people’s choice but he  later deviated from serving his people and started seeking for Abuja’s favor. I suspect that the powers that be in Abuja was promising him the presidency or Vice presidency, in the process of pursuing that he abandoned his God given mandate to his people.

“Similar thing happened in 2011 in Imo State with Sen. Rochas Okorocha, the general feeling then was that Okorocha was the long awaited political Messiah of Ndigbo but the same Abuja power brokers influenced him and he abandoned his responsibility to his state in particular and Ndigbo in general.” He explained.

Chief Chinedu Igwe urged Gov Soludo not to fall into the same trap many Igbo politicians have fallen into by taken seriously empty promises from Abuja power brokers.

The IGA strong man advised the Anambra State governor to keep on  bringing dividends of democracy to the people and forget about the 2027 presidency promises mere distractions.

“Prof Charles Soludo, you are occupying the number one seat in Anambra State with the full support of the masses, your mandate is divine and that is why you are so much loved by your people, I beg you in the name of everything that dear to you never to disappoint your people. If you do the right things right, you will certainly fulfill your political destiny.” He stressed.

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