Doctors, Health Staff Boycott Duty In DHQ Hospital
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Doctors, Health Staff Boycott Duty In DHQ Hospital

‘Drugs dealers and retailers also bakced the doctors’ strike and closed all their medicines shops’

LANDIKOTAL: Doctors and paramidical staff of District Headquarters(DHQ) hospital in Landikotal observed strike and boycotted duty on Saturday.

The health workers were holding black flags and marched from hospital gate to Iqra chowk. All the medicines dealers also joined the strike in support of doctors.They chanted slogans against doctor Jamshid Sherani and demanded his forthwith transfer from the DHQ hospital. 

All the Out Patients Departments(OPDs) in the hospital were remained closed that suffered the visiting patients. However, doctors and health staff were on duty at the emergency ward in the hospital. 

Speaking on the occassion doctor Imran and Khialmadar Shinwari said that medical suprintendent of district headquaters hospital Jamshid Sherani use harsh attitude with doctors which could not be tolerate any more. They said Jamshid Sherani misbehaving and use harsh language had become the daily routine with the health staff which they forced to boycott from their duties. 

“How pashtun culture permit to trash a woman doctor in her office in the front of other female and male staff”, Dr Imran accused.

Drugs dealers and retailers also backed the health workers’ strike and closed all their medicines shops in the hospital Chowk marekts. 

Khialmadar Shinwari said due to the unethical attitude of doctor Jamshid Sherani a number of senior doctors have left the hospital and transferred to other hospitals in Khyber Kakhunkhwa.

He said medicial suprintendent must focuse on the privision of life saving medicines and equioments that were not available in the hospital for patients.

Doctors alleged that medicines in the hospital sotre were being issued on health card which was the violation. He said when patients admit in the hospital for surgery and use health card the hospital medicines store deduct money from the patient health card. 

They threatened to continue their boycott until doctor Jamshid Sherani not transferred from the hospital.

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