DHQ Doctors protest against Ms Sherani, boycott OPDs

DHQ Doctors protest against MS Sherani, boycott OPDs

LANDIKOTAL: Grand Health Alliance Landikotal including doctors,paramedics and nurses on Monday staged a protest rally against the district headquarters hospital Medical Superintendent(MS) and observed  boycott from Out Patients Departments(OPDs). 

The protest was led by Dr, Owais Shinwari,Dr,Fahim Afridi,paramedics president Mujeeb Afridi and class-IV employees chairman Khayalmadar Shinwari. 

Speaking on the occasion doctors and paramedics accused medical superintendent Dr Jamshid Sherani that he was the king of corruption and swallowed million of rupees.

The health staff said they would not perform their job until MS Jamshid Sherani is removed from DHQ hospital in Landikotal.

Dr Owais said that medical superintendent Dr Sherani was involved in corruption made millions of black money. He accused that Dr Jamshid Sherani had taken money from various health staff for releasing their salaries. He said several equipments went outdated as it could not be used in the past so many years. 
Dr Owais demanded of government to make all the inquiries  public conducted against MS Jamshid Sherani and dismissed him from service. He said their strike would be continued till the suspension of MS headquarters hospital.

Meanwhile, hundreds of patients who visited the hospital did not get consulted by doctors. Residents and patients appealed from the high ups to resolve the tussle between MS Dr Sherani and the rest of hospital staff suffering poor patients in the hospital. 

Doctors said MS Jamshid Sherani had failed to deliver and responsible for the poor health provision of the hospital.
When contacted DHQ medical superintendent Dr,Jamshid Sherani said he was on three day train in Peshawar and the protest was arranged in his absence.He said if he was involved in corruption the evidences should be produced to anti-corruption,NAB and other concern department against him. He said more than 12,00 patients suffered due to the strike today(Monday).He said salaries would be deducted from those stand responsible from making disturbance in the hospital. 

Dr Jamshid Sherani said he had formally informed health department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for departmental necessary action against those who violated service rules and conducted strike. He said a group of mafia tried to defame the hospital administration. He said soon he would also file a defamation case the doctors,health staff involved in making hurdles for hospital administration. 

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