Cristiano Ronaldo under investigation in Italy for breaking coronavirus rules 1

Cristiano Ronaldo under investigation in Italy for breaking coronavirus rules

Cristiano Ronaldo is under investigation for breaking coronavirus rules when he flew from Portugal to Italy after testing positive for the disease.

Recall the five-time Ballon d’Or winner tested positive for Covid-19 while on international duty with Portugal earlier this month and flew back to Italy via a private air ambulance.

When asked if Ronaldo had breached Covid-19 rules after he flew back to Turin, Italy’s sports minister Vincenzo Spadafora told Rai Radio: ‘Yes, I think so, if there were no specific authorisations from the health authority.’

Ronaldo later dismissed Spadafora’s claim, claiming he followed all necessary procedures.

The 35-year-old said on Instagram on October 16: ‘I’m always at home, now I’m sunbathing, also to let the days pass. I’m respecting the protocol, I did not break it, as has been said: It’s a lie.

‘I returned from Portugal because my team and I made sure to comply with all the procedures.

‘I returned to Italy by air ambulance and I have had no contact with anyone, even in Turin.’

Ronaldo also added: ‘My family is on another floor of the house, we can’t be in contact.’

Now Spadafora has said the Juventus star ‘did not respect’ protocols with his flight home while infected and he’s being investigated by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office.

‘Cristiano did not respect the protocol. There is an investigation by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office to prove it,’ he told Rai Tre.

‘The virus has taught us that no one is exempt, obviously, they are all people who have tried to respect the protocols as much as possible, but the only solution in the end is to stay at home.’

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