Tuesday, January 18

Civil War Holocaust: Apologize to Ndigbo so you’ll have Peace Bishop Udeh tells North, Benue

The General Overseer of Mount Zion Faith Global Liberation Ministries (By Fire By Fire) Nnewi Bishop Abraham Chris Udeh says Killings, banditry and kidnapping can never abate in the Northern parts of the country including Benue until apologies are tendered to the Igbo over the 1967-1970 Holocaust.

The Prelate said that it was made known to him in the spiritual realm that those killings and kidnappings in the Northern zone and Benue must be seen as nemesis in action because of the killings of “innocent” children and adults in Biafra land during the Nigeria-Biafra civil war.

The Bishop said the remedies, as revealed to him, would be sincere apologies to the Igbo from leaders of Nigeria and all the military heads of State still alive when the civil war was fought.

He said that the cries of millions of children who were victims of the war, who died of hunger and gunshots, had remained unabated in the spiritual realm.

“Apart from apologies to the Igbo, Nigerian governement should allow the existence of United Igbo Republic by all Igbo-speaking parts of the country, to be on their own as a nation. The issue of Biafra can be abandoned to settle for the new Republic. This will bring a lasting peace in the North and Nigeria generally, ” Bishop Udeh insisted.

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He said that the President of Igbo extraction in Nigeria was a scam, that he never believed in the project. But he said that if allowed, he would recommend Vice Yemi Osibanjo to be the next President, “despite the fact that he is an Igbo hater.”

The Bishop appealed to the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) not to add Sunday to sit-at-home or do anything that could disrupt the activities of Christians. He noted that every Igboman and woman wants the freedom of the Igbo, adding that wisdom is needed to actualize that.

“I am calling on members of IPOB to be careful and watch their words and tussles because their enemies are seeing what is happening among them, I have an advise for the Heads or Authorities of the group to avoid sycophants or drummers, remember this is the strongest party we have that is fighting our sovereignty.” The Prelate declared.

He said that the truth remained that Ndigbo should be allowed to go, for peace to reign in Nigeria.

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The Bishop insisted that the Fulani should accept the option of allowing Ndigbo to separate from Nigeria as a permanent solution to Nigerian crises.

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