Friday, January 21

CISD Highlights Activities, Focuses On Implementation Of Digital COVID-19 Vaccination Pass In Mauritius

The Central Information Systems Division (CISD) of the Ministry of Information Technology, Communication and Innovation in Mauritius has highlighted core activities in which the Division has been actively involved in the last six months including the implementation of the digital COVID-19 Vaccination Pass (Pass Vaksinal) through the COVAC System developed by the Application Development Unit.

The data capture of the vaccination forms started on 20 July 2021 and the digital COVID-19 Vaccination Pass became a reality on 01 October 2021.

The data capture process began with CISD Officers and those from the Ministry of Information Technology, Communication and Innovation. It was facilitated by the Ministry of Health and Wellness. An average of 5500 to 6500 forms were captured daily between 16hr to 20hr by CISD Officers into the COVAC system. The data capture was later supplemented by officers from different Ministries and Departments as from 01 September 2021.

Other projects successfully implemented comprise: support for the online publication of the 2021 PRB report; E-payslip App designed for civil service officers to enable users access their respective payslips online; replacement of Government Intranet System equipment; Application Development Unit systems; and rapid deployment of the e-Payroll system developed inhouse by the CISD.

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The CISD further highlights the new ambitious target with regards to revamping the current payroll system to a New Government Payroll System and rolling it out in 2022. The new system is expected to streamline payroll related operations and eliminate manual processes of the current payroll activities. The objective is also to adopt the latest technologies providing for better systems robustness, resilience and security.

The CISD, formerly known as Data Processing Division, was created in 1971. It is responsible for the operational aspects of ICT in the government and provides on‐going ICT technical support for all computerised systems in Ministries/Departments within the Civil Service.

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