Chaos in Anambra market as charms were planted over Union election 1

Chaos in Anambra market as charms were planted over Union election

A cleric, Brother Pius Ohanebo, of the Ogbaru Prayer Ministry, has said that charms were planted at the Ogbaru Relief market, near Onitsha, Anambra state, to stall the re election of the incumbent chairman of the market, Chief Victor Nwawuzie, (a.k.a. Akirika na Ukpor).

Six candidates are jostling for the chairmanship position.

The election billed for 16th September 2020, was postponed indefinitely by the Commissioner for Commerce, Markets, Tradre and Wealth Creation, Hon. Uchenna Okafor, (a.k.a. Wiper) due to COVID-19

The traders were consequently directed to ensure payment of their stallage and sanitation levies pending when a democratic election would be conducted in the market.

According to the cleric, “I told the traders that I got it from the spiritual realm that the election would not hold that charms were planted in the market to stall the re election of tmHon Victor Nwawuzie, who has rendered tremendous achievements to the traders.”

In a sermon he delivered during a prayer session in the market, the cleric stated, “I predicted the election would not
hold because chairms abound in the market, people planted charms for the election that will not hold.”

Urging the incumbent to be steadfast in his prayers he said to him, “God said to you, behold I am with you Akirika, the devil does not stay where good things happen”

“Your offence; why the opposition is fighting you is because you developed the market, God answered your prayers.

“At the peak of the covid-19 Akirika provided palliatives to widows in the market and did concrete/ german floor of the market to stop the flooding that submerged the market.”

The cleric disclosed further that since the inception of the market there were just two good leaders, late Anumba Innocent and the incumbent chairman, Nwawuzie, that were produced by the traders out of scores of previous selfish chairmen.

In his response Nwawuzie commended the traders for rejecting bad leadersship adding that, “my offence why they want to remove me is because I developed the market.

“I used cartapult to sack the opposition. The opposition does not rest, after the prayer session some will rush to Awka to report me. The market will not be gutted by fire as they think, do not be disillusioned by what the opposition said” he enjoined the traders.

“The governmnent has postponed the election because of covid-19 and asked the opposition to ensure that they pay their stallage and sakitation levies pending when the election would hold and you know government directed me to complete the seven months wrongly removed from my tenure.”

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