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CAK Boss urged to take action against social media law violators

By: Dishon Amanya 

Bungoma County Interfaith Council Network has asked Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) boss Ezra Chiloba to take a stern action against social media platform users violating online rules saying that many youths have been fully concentrated on online campaigns which has brought accusations among political factions.

Online platforms are the ones causing criminal offence that violates the public peace.

Speaking to the star during a peace campaign meeting, Bishop Calistus Barasa, Chairman of the Interfaith council network in Bungoma County said as the country prepares for the next years general elections Communications Authority Of Kenya should take actions against users who use online platforms to violet public peace, adding that the interfaith council has partnered with other peace organization to spread peace in Bungoma and its environs as the country near the electioneering period.

“Chiloba should start arresting online users who are using social media platforms to accuse others as online accusations add up to breach of peace in the country,” he noted.

Barasa lauded Bungoma county commissioner Samuel Kimiti for working together with church leaders to ensure that peace is spread at places of worship.

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He added that Bungoma County was one of places where people were hurt during the post-election violence.

  “We have decided to start engaging residents and spreading peace messages across the country before the real election time because we don’t want people to die like in 2007-08,” he noted.

He urged what’s up, Facebook and other online group administrators to keenly monitor conversation in their groups.

Echoing his sentiments, Bungoma town area Chief Joseph Cheng’oli who asked youths not to be given little money and argued on social media platforms.

“There is freedom of communication and expression but people have taken it for granted, let’s maintain law and order when conversing on online platforms. I humbly ask Communication Authority of Kenya boss Ezra Chiloba not to compromise anything but take action against online users who violate the law,” he said.

 On his part, Bungoma County commissioner Samuel Kimiti said that so far the Directors of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officers in Bungoma County have arrested online platform violators assuring to continue with the same until people will stick to online law and order.

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Newton Wafula, Bungoma County interfaith council youth network said that he has started engaging youths and educating them the importance of peace.

“We are moving across the county to engage youths in different capacities and teach them the importance of peace and conflict solving methods,” he said.

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