Tuesday, December 7

Bungoma stakeholders urged to champion fight against Child Labour

By: Dishon Amanya

Child Labour is a major problem affecting the Nation; it is with this regard that the County Commissioner Mr. Samuel Kimiti urged the stakeholders to be at the upper hand in curbing cases of Child Labour. 

Samuel Kimiti, graced the Four-Day training that engaged members from the National Government, Civil servants and the media. The CC highlighted that it is not right when we don’t look at the welfare of our children; a child is a precious being that needs to be healthy to have a successful society in the Nation. 

“It is sad seeing children hawking in the streets selling goods, we have laws that govern children’s rights and everyone needs to abide by the laws.” Kimiti said. 

However, the commissioner cited that the street children are not safe when it comes to matters of Covid 19 infections; they have masks while loitering in the streets.

Human trafficking is a huge business that needs to be fought in the nation, tactics and lessons of human trafficking keep on changing on a daily basis, and stakeholders were urged to be on the forefront to combat these cases. 

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“It is important to get the knowledge, once you get it you apply it to secure the society, ” Samuel Kimiti said. 

The government being the custodians on the matters of children’s rights is keen to ensure the children’s Act law is enacted. Kimiti added to his sentiments. 

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