Tuesday, December 7

Bungoma RMNCAH Network Launches ANC advocacy campaign

Bungoma Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescents health network has inaugurated it’s Antenatal clinic campaign advocacy trail.

The network advocates for the health of expectant mothers and their children upon delivery.

In a colourful ceremony and procession in Bungoma town, members of the network went through the town with banners and shirts with writings portraying the necessity of proper ANC attendance among pregnant women in Bungoma county.

The network chairman Samuel Nakitare told journalists that the advocacy campaign was necessitated by an upsurge in Maternal and Newborn deaths in Bungoma county.

“Losing a single mother during and after delivery is detrimental to our population, this is why we are asking all stakeholders within and outside the health system to prioritize RMNCAH,” he said.

His sentiments were reiterated by the network’s vice chair Mike Kaguongo who said adequate access to ANC  information is a crucial step towards containment of pregnancy related deaths.

“This advocacy campaign has pulled the attention of many and it’s results will benefit our mothers,” he said.

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Among the youth groups that form the network are Adventure Youth Group, Crowned Youth Group, Bungoma Youth Connect, Ambana Sirende CBO, Stage Media Acts, HYPE CBO and a section of Bungoma Journalists.

It should be noted that about 42 mothers lost their lives due to pregnancy related complications in the 2020/2021 fiscal year.

Data from Bungoma county Referral Hospital also shows that more women attend the first ANC Visits than those who attend the fourth visit hence the need to sensitize them.

The network has also been on the front line in calling upon the County Government of Bungoma to increase budgetary allocation towards RMNCAH.

The network focuses on increase in ANC uptake, improvement of existing wear referral systems in hospitals and combating teenage Pregnancy through its advocacy work.

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