Buhari lacks moral to speak on economic integration of African countries - Analyst

Buhari lacks moral to speak on economic integration of African countries – Analyst

A public policy analyst, Polycarp Onwubiko has described as deceptive and balderdash President Muhammadu Buhari’s call for the economic integration of African countries.

He queried the moral template of the outgoing president to speak about economic integration of African countries while he literally destroyed virtually all the sectors of the economy of Nigeria in his eight years of leadership.

He said:  “What moral justification can president Buhari has to pontificate on economic integration of African countries while he made a total mess of the country in virtually all the sectors of governance which rendered the economy prostrate?

“In his blind quest for ‘Fulanisation and Islamisation’ of Nigeria, he jettisoned his election campaign promise to restructure the lopsided federation to restore true fiscal federalism and more importantly, decentralized security architecture which is the only panacea to minimize the pervasive and intractable insecurities throughout the nooks and crannies of the country “.

Onwubiko further said that the reason Buhari reneged on restructuring the over centralized governance is that the federating units which will have their respective security architecture would enact laws that will compel the cattle owners to establish ranches as obtained in other countries. 

“Buhari APC-led administration flung open the borders of Nigeria in the northern part of the country for the infiltration of Fulani invaders and militia cum terrorists masquerading as herdsmen from the Sahel region of West Africa into Nigeria to embark on ethnic cleansing of southern Kaduna, middle belt states, down south where the terrorists have occupied all the thick forests where with their AK47 riffles, they terrorize people, rape women, kidnapped for ransom that runs into millions of Naira and mindlessly kill the victims without the security agents doing their job of securing the law abiding citizens”, he said.

According to Onwubiko, the economic integration of African countries with the supposed 2063 Agenda is akin to the useless organization called ECOWAS which was forced down the throat of unsuspecting African countries spearheaded by the military jackboots in Nigeria. ECOWAS was the brainchild of the “Northern political Emirates establishment and Cabalist hegemonists ” in Nigeria for the ultimate domination of the Fulani race in Nigeria.

“This devious and dubious agenda was culminated in the Buhari administration as he had reportedly promised the Fulani in West Africa that NIgeria is their home, hence the ethnic cleansing and occupation of the slaughtered people’s ancestral lands while the those alive are quartered in makeshift refuge settlements and dying in droves even as the Fulani herdsmen militia invade the refugee resettlements and slaughtere them while no arrest whatsoever had been made talkless of prosection of the religious militias masquerading as herdsmen,” he said.

The public policy analyst further explained that ECOWAS which was said to be a vehicle for the economic integration of African countries by abolishing trade barriers and visa, was a ploy to let the Fulani race have unhindered access especially in Nigeria which is the target to swell the population of Moslems with respect to social demographics in population census and elections.

“ECOWAS leadership never intervened in the violation of laws in Nigeria and one believes that the so-called Agenda 2063 for African economic integration will be the same ploy to hoodwink unsuspecting African countries to throw their borders open for the infiltration of Fulani ethnic group in West Africa for domination; and there is nothing of economic benefits from the socalled Agenda 2063.

“Individual African countries should plan their economy and create wealth, employment and minimize the multi dimensional poverty which is prominent in African countries.

“Economic integration cannot permit the respective countries to initiate economic policies that are peculiar to their environment and natural cum mineral resources within their respective jurisdictions for the benefits of their people”, Onwubiko contended.

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