Bishop Ezeokafor blames parents over pupils' 12-hr stay in school, urges Soludo to end trend

Bishop Ezeokafor blames parents over pupils’ 12-hr stay in school, urges Soludo to end trend

Catholic Bishop of Awka Diocese, His Lordship, Most Reverend Paulinus Ezeokafor has expressed worry over long periods of time pupils and students spend in school.

He said an average pupil and student spend not less than 12 hours daily in school, wondering the time they had left to spend with their parents at home.

The Prelate spoke while delivering a homily during a Thanksgiving Mass organized in honour of Anambra State Governor, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo’s 2years in office at the International Convention Centre, Awka.

He blamed the ugly development on parents, who he said invariably shift their responsibility to teachers, urging Anambra State governor, to address the menace.

He said, “I want the Governor to look at the issue of pupils and students leaving their homes as early as 6:30am and to return home by 6pm. It is giving me serious concern. It is not good at all. I want the Governor to address the issue. 

“How can a child leave for school by 6:30am only to return by six in the evening? What time does that child have to interact with their parents?

‘From what I gathered, some parents are majorly the culprits. They keep pushing their children away. I even heard that some are giving their children away to teachers to groom for them. 

“They push primary school pupils and secondary school students to boarding schools, leaving their responsibilities to other persons.

“It is so wrong. Let me say this here, nobody can train your children exactly the way you wish to. It’s not possible. I appeal to the Governor to put an end to this. After school lessons, they should allow these children to leave for their various homes.

“During my time, I did not attend any lesson but I passed all my papers. I did very well, both in primary and secondary school. If I didn’t do well I would not be here today as a priest and eventually a bishop. 

“I know they are doing it to get extra pay from the parents. The motivation is the money they are getting from these parents. They should find a way to teach whatever they want to teach during the regulation time.

“I’m happy that the speaker is here alongside other lawmakers. They should do something in that regard. Children no longer spend adequate time with their parents. 

“There is a diminishing return; once it sets in, the child can never respond to whatever thing you are dishing out. That thing you want to teach them after school, teach them during school hours,’ the prelate said.

Ezeokafor further expressed concern about the epileptic nature of power supply in Anambra, saying it is shameful that a state that prides itself as the Light of the Nation cannot boast of electricity.

He urged Soludo to find a way to address the constant power outage, noting that a state like Anambra should be enjoying uninterrupted power supply, adding that the Dubai-Taiwan Mantra would not be achieved when darkness had enveloped every nook and crannies of the state.

“I understand that it is a general thing, but Anambra Government should find a way to fix it. The Governor is really trying. He has given us a glimmer of hope in terms of keeping his promises. He is doing roads, yes, and also employing teachers and health workers.

“That we know, but this issue of power should not be toyed with. I want Governor Soludo to dissipate energy in that area too. It is really giving Ndi Anambra serious cause for worry. I am concerned.

“Another serious issue is building collapse. It is more disheartening when it is government’s property that are collapsing. I advocate that consultants with integrity and name be used in handling these building projects. In that way, they will be conscious of their name and firms.

“They are less likely to compromise standard. The frequent news of building collapse is really not giving us a good image,’ Bishop Ezeokafor noted.

The Prelate said he was at the venue of the event to celebrate with the Governor on his two years in office and to pray with and for him.

“I congratulate the Governor on the many obvious positive strides he has brought to the people. His achievements within these Two Year are not simply earmarked projects, but ”eyemarked”; they are visible.

“I drew the attention of the Governor and his team to some issues. One, Anambra State, as the Light of the Nation, cannot bear that name adequately if the problem of epileptic power supply in the state is not addressed. Two, the collapse of buildings in the state is appalling.

“Three, the economic situation on ground makes the increment of workers’ salaries paramount. Four, the Church since she obeys legitimate authorities, will keep to the provisions of the Burial Control Law. 

“Five, the kind of educational system which we have now that systematically pulls children away from their parents is inimical to human development.

“Once more, I congratulate the Governor and I pray God to keep inspiring him as he pilots the affairs of the state,’ Bishop Ezeokafor said.

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