Big Shame To Buhari, APC, As Edwin Clark Predicts The Break Up Of Nigeria


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An Elder Stateman, Chief Edwin Clark, has disclosed that Nigeria, 10 years from now, has no hope for unity for the future, judging from what is happening across the country.
Clark made this known in an exclusive interview with TOS TV, during The Osasu Show, hosted by Osasu Igbinedion, which aired on AIT, today, by 9am.
On the programme, tagged: ‘the Nigeria we are Vs the Nigeria we want to be’, the Elder Statesman said that: “10 years from now, although that is quite a long time, judging from the last four years, and then the next four years of this administration, we are not going anywhere. Because government duty is to secure and seek for the welfare of the people, if the people are not safe, are not well provided for, killings everywhere, it is difficult to forecast the future.
“But let me say this, we do hope the present government would listen, if they do listen to people’s views, public opinion, and they change, and be able to manage the differences, security threats, then, I think in the next 10 years things will change.
“But as it stands now, Nigeria has no hope for the future in the next 10 years.”
Asked to proffer solutions on how we can be united, judging from the high rate of disunity in this present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, Chief Clark said: “In the first place, for most of us that have worked for this country, we have no other country, we must stay together, the unity of Nigeria is first and foremost, but if anybody is thinking about a disintegrated Nigeria, then those who are in power should re-examine their method of ruling.
“I believe that if all the components or the parts of this country, work together, and each components are regarded as equal citizens of this country, no one is superior than the other, no one is a first class citizen, because in 1914, Lord Lugard united this country, Northern and Southern protectorate together as one Nigeria. So, we need the restructuring of this country, whereby every Nigerian, will be proud to belong to Nigeria.
Asked what is his definition of restructuring? following divergent views, the Elder Statesman said: “There are some people in Nigeria who are deliberately misinterpreting the meaning of restructuring, who believe that restructuring means many things.
“Restructuring is another name for True Federalism, that is, there should be devolution of power to the State; agriculture is not a matter for the Federal Government, Primary and Secondary education, they should be matters for the State.
“So if you go back to the 1963 Constitution, that is what we call restructuring, not concentrating all the powers in one arm.

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“We should be able to have Governors progressing, those who are not progressing will be left behind”, Clark said.

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