Bad governance cannot be corrected by coup detat, says PSC boss

Bad governance cannot be corrected by coup detat, says PSC boss

The former chairman of Police Service Commission (PSC) Chief Simon Okeke (Ochendo Amichi) says bad governance cannot be corrected by military incursion.

Chief Okeke who was speaking with journalists in Amichi, his country home said that experience has shown that rather than correcting the perceived and real evil in the society, military government always ended being worse.

The former police boss while commenting on the development in Niger Republic where the military has announced a take over of governance said as a matter of fact that coup detat is no longer fashionable all over the world.

“Democracy will always be better than military junta, I don’t subscribe to it. Coup and counter coup is bad. Military junta is not acceptable.” He noted.

He however tasked the political class especially in Nigeria not take things for granted.

“For example, Nigerians on February 25th voted for a president of their choice and a clear winner emerged but something went wrong. INEC disappointed Nigerians when despite repeated claims of impartiality and perfection, the electoral umpire summersaulted and went contrary to their promise.

“The February 25th presidential election was not inconclusive. A clear winner emerged in the election and I expect the judiciary to do something bravely to correct the anomaly and declare the true winner.” Ochendo Amichi insisted.

The former police boss while commenting on the continued incarceration of the the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, said that the release of MNK is long overdue.

He pointed out that release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu would checkmate the atrocious activities of Simeon Ekpa who he said is causing havoc to the nation.

“Simeon Ekpa should be arrested and brought back to Nigeria and punished for insurgency and insurrection.” He asserted.

Chief Okeke while commenting on the wide spread insecurity occasioned by the activities of unknown gunmen in the South East advocated a synergy and collaboration between the governors in Igboland and other stakeholders.

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