Attah Advocates For Nigeria's Rebirth 1

Attah Advocates For Nigeria’s Rebirth

Former Akwa Ibom State governor, Obong Victor Attah, has called for the “rebirth” of Nigeria through a fully federal system and resource control administered under a parliamentary form of government.

Attah strongly condemned the act of destroying and burning down private and public properties in the country. He maintained that those unwholesome acts were not part of the demands of the EndSARS protest.

He revealed that he does not see the nation dividing if there is a “rebirth”. He also added that good leadership, must learn to listen to grievances and not considering every comment from the people as a threat.

“The word ‘restructuring’ seems to create a problem in some peoples’ minds though I think they are just allowing themselves to be confused because everybody should understand what we mean by restructuring by now.

“But, since they pretend not to know, I have dropped the word restructuring and I am talking about ‘Rebirth’. We want to have a Rebirth and a Rebirth means going back to what we had always agreed at the beginning would be the foundation and the guiding principles for governing Nigeria. And that was a fully federal system.

“Let us start with a full federal system with resource control, as much independent autonomy as a federal system allows a federating unit to have, that’s what we had at the beginning. Everybody develops their own resources at their own pace and so on.”

Attah noted that a federal system administered through a parliamentary form of government made it a lot easier and better. “That is why I am advocating a Rebirth, going back to the full federal system, where the federating units support the center to do certain common services like citizenship, external affairs, customs all that should be a function of the center.

“If the National Assembly engages the President to set up an Assembly to discuss a new constitution for Nigeria and a new method of governing Nigeria, there is no question of who owns sovereignty, sovereignty has been properly transferred and that Assembly will come out with a new draft constitution for Nigeria, which can now be subjected to a referendum and the result of that referendum will give us a new constitution, which will be a constitution by Nigerians for Nigerians and I believe that by the time that is done, we will have a federal constitution,” Attah explained.

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