Appointment of additional session judge demanded in Landikotal

Appointment of additional session judge demanded in Landikotal

DISTRICT KHYBER:  Demanding for the appointment of additional session Judge, lawyers on  Monday said that due to non existance of additional session Judge in Landikotal court they were in hard run to appear in Jamrud court for petty cases. 

Talking to the media, advocate Muhammad Qubais Shinwari,advocate Abdullah Shinwari and advocate Bilal Hassan Shinwari said every day burden of cases was increasing on the lawyers in Landikotal. The lawyers said they had to appear in Jamrud court in  cases went into its appeals and proposals. 

“It is very hard for the lawyers to appear in Landikotal and Jamrud courts on the same day for they had to travel more than forty kilomaters from one court to another court”, Qubais said. 

He said popularion rapidly increasing in Landikotal where ratio of cases registered in the court also double as they demand for a additional session judge in Landikotal. 

Qubais said not only in Landikotal the same problem was being faced by petitioners and lawyers in Bara tehsil of district Khyber. 

Abdullah said they charge double their petitioners when they attend court in Jamrud as they had to travel due to unavailability of additional session judges in  Landikotal and Bara tehsils.

Advocate Bilal Hassan Shinwari said people in Landikotal were poor and they not afford their dues for a petty cases reffered to Jamrud court. 

Qubais Shinwari demamded of Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court l,registrar and judicial officials to appoint additional session judges in Bara and Landikotal courts so that they could spare court time and save money of poor people.

When talked local residents they also seconded the demand and said that they pay extra to lawyeras cases refer to hearing in Jamrud court.

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