APGA: Be prepared to face youths' accountability - Chairmanship aspirants - told

APGA: Be prepared to face youths’ accountability – Chairmanship aspirants – told

Anambra Independent Media Support Group (AIMSG) has urged aspirants contesting for chairmanship position of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) to be ready to be held accountable by the youths who constitute greater percentage of party members.

Director General, Harris Chuma-Odili gave the charge on Sunday at a Media Interaction/Debate for party aspirants ahead of the party Congress on Tuesday.

He said, “As you all know the task before APGA as a party is quite huge, and it requires a methodical personality to harness the potential within the party to move it forward.

“Times are changing, and political awareness is deepening on daily basis, so much that the youths are beginning to take active interest in the politics of the state and the nation in general.

“You must be conscious of the fact that you are going to be dealing with a new population of youths who will hold you accountable when you emerge as the chosen one, and when there are missteps on your part, be sure that they will do everything that is legally right to get back at you.”

While appreciating the audience both in the studio on the virtual platforms, Odili reminded them of enormous responsibilities society was expecting of them towards improving their lives as media personalities.

“As the fourth estate of the realm, our duty is to propagate truth, fairness, equity and preach justice to all, at all times. Our broadcasts, posts, articles and comments matter to a lot of people, who look up to us as the mirror with which they judge the polity and its players.

“We must see our role as a constructive one, and not a destructive one. Today, I urge you to listen to the aspirants with an open mind and share your impressions to your esteemed audience via your individual platforms in an impeccable manner, devoid of political biases.

“Do not judge the aspirants based on their diction or oratory. Judge them based on what they are bringing to the table and how transformative their ideas are, because we have moved from the era of talkers to the era of doers. We are seeking those who dig deep and not shallow-swimmers who cover up their incompetence with flowery expressions.

“For all APGA members who will be part of the upcoming Congress on Tuesday, we have done this to help you galvanise your options and make a credible choice during the elections. 

“You know the challenges of the party and we at Anambra Independent Media Support Group, AIMSG believe you know who amongst these aspirants can do the job effectively and efficiently.

May God help you to make the right choices!”

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