Anambra's Digital Revolution under Soludo

Anambra’s Digital Revolution under Soludo

By: Fred Agbata

As 2024 beckons, my team and I at the Anambra State ICT Agency took some time out to reflect on our efforts as an Agency (working closely with other MDAs) towards the realization of Mr. Governor’s mantra of ‘Everything Technology, Technology Everywhere’ and some of the strides we have made since the beginning of the Soludo Administration. 

*Below are 21 Key Strides amongst others:* 

*1. Infrastructure Enhancement via Full Implementation of Zero Right of Way (RoW) policy*

Governor Soludo’s bold move to strengthen infrastructure has led to the full implementation of the Zero Right of Way (RoW) policy. This has motivated InfraCos to deepen tech infrastructure in the state by laying of fibre ducts, resulting in improved quality of service across the State. Anambra remains one of the few states currently implementing the Zero ROW policy as a first step towards fully deepening broadband penetration. 

*2. Collaboration and Interconnectivity* 

The Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the State are currently in partnership with  the ICT Agency towards the establishment of an Internet Exchange Point in the State. This initiative focuses on improving interconnectivity and reducing the cost of Internet access and deepening penetration. ISPs in Anambra are excited about the possibilities. 

*3. Public Wi-Fi Initiative*

A Pilot Phase of the Public Wi-Fi (Solution Wi-Fi) has been activated at Aroma Junction, Book foundation and Unizik Gate, Ifite Awka. This marks a significant stride and efforts are ongoing to extend this Public Wi-Fi to various public spaces across the State in line with the People’s Manifesto. 

*4. E-Government Infrastructure* 

The Agency, through its baseline Study of E-government Infrastructure in Anambra State has set the stage for a digital revolution in the Civil Service. This initiative resulted in Governor Soludo’s approval of the procurement and distribution of the first batch of 200 state-of-the-art PCs and laptops to various MDAs, advancing the objectives of digitization and professionalism across the public sector. 2024 will witness the distribution of more digital tools to more civil and public servants in line with Mr Governor’s promise of modernizing the State’s workforce. 

*5. Digitized State’s Executive Council Processes* 

Successful digitization of the State’s Executive Council processes by transforming documents and presentations from manual to digital format, eliminating the need for costly printing. This has helped to make the process more efficient, cost effective, and sustainable. 

*6. Communication Enhancement* 

Deployment of the Unified Messaging Service (UMS) for enhanced communication and collaboration among all MDAs is a significant milestone. Civil servants have been assigned email addresses for seamless communication and collaboration within the public sector.

*7. Land Administration Revolution* 

The Ministry of Lands with support from the ICT Agency has deployed its Centralized e-GIS System with complete ICT Infrastructure that is bound to revolutionize Land Administration in the State. 

*8. Project Management Dashboard* 

The Tony Blair Institute (TBI), with the State’s Strategy, Execution, and Evaluation (SEE) Office and the ICT Agency have fostered a partnership which has brought about the successful integration of technology into project management. This has given rise to a Digital Delivery Dashboard, a real-time project monitoring tool to facilitate project tracking from inception to completion. 

*9. Policy Development* 

As a roadmap to achieving Mr. Governor’s vision of “Everything Technology and Technology Everywhere”, the ICT Agency has come up with a comprehensive draft ICT Policy document ; This policy was developed in collaboration and ensures comprehensive input which has resulted in a holistic document that represents the views of all relevant parties. 

*10. Blockchain Strategy* 

The Federal Ministry of Communications, Innovation & Digital Economy Blockchain Strategy has been adopted by the ICT Agency to promote and enhance the blockchain ecosystem activities in the State.

*11. Identity Management Initiative* 

The ICT Agency in partnership with the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, initiated an internship program that has resulted in the successful launch of the ANSG-EID Card scheme for civil servants and other government employees in June 2023. 

*12. Domain Adoption and Transition/Digital/Internet Assets Standardization* 

A pioneering move in the State’s E-governance efforts is the successful transition to the Federal Government-approved .ng second-level domain. This initiative has paved the way for the successful relocation of Anambra State online digital assets (in line with Federal Government directives) to the “” and “” State owned domains.

*13. CyberSecurity Enhancement* 

Currently, the ICT Agency is finalizing the implementation of a public cloud service that would secure Anambra State’s data locally, fortify cybersecurity, and save costs by consolidating the multiple cloud providers engaged by MDAs.

*14. IT Project Standardization*

In line with ANSEC directive, an ITPRS Portal has been established for the registration of external IT consultants. This platform ensures the digitalization and standardization of IT projects in the State, and issues certificates as proof of compliance to set standards.

*15. GovTech Strategy Development* 

In response to Anambra State’s participation in a World Bank subnational Government GovTech Maturity Index survey, the ICT Agency developed an initial GovTech strategy framework. This framework has been designed to improve the State’s appeal to technology partners on a global scale.

*16. Budget System Automation* 

The Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning has automated the State’s budget processes with support from the ICT Agency.  

*17. Development of the Anambra State Health Facilities Management System* 

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the Agency has developed a platform to enhance healthcare administration and streamline the management of health facilities, ensuring efficient operations and improved delivery of healthcare services across the state.

*18 Telemedicine Deployment* 

Currently working closely with the Ministry of Health to deploy a robust Telemedicine solution for the State. 

*19. Local Government Automation* 

The Ministry of Local Government in collaboration with the ICT Agency is on an ongoing automation and digitization process of all 21 LGAs of the State. This automation process is about 75% completed and will be deployed within Q1 ’24. 

*20. Internship/Volunteers Partnership Programme* 

The ICT Agency is proud to have launched its Internship/Volunteers Partnership Programme tailored for ICT undergraduates and skilled IT professionals. This initiative is currently ongoing and is aimed at fostering talent development and knowledge exchange. It provides a valuable platform for participants to gain hands-on experience and contribute to the state’s technological advancements.

*21. Citizens Engagement Platform* 

The ICT Agency in collaboration with the Ministry of Budget & Economic Planning and the Strategy, Execution & Evaluation Office is developing a dynamic initiative designed to foster transparent communication between the government and citizens. This digital platform will encourage active participation, feedback, and collaboration, providing a space for citizens to engage with government initiatives. 

*MDAs Support*

All State MDAs are being supported by the ICT Agency with digital services and solutions. These services and solutions include among others, website creation, content management, and various technical assistance to facilitate the digitization of their operational procedures.

All of the above strides demonstrate Mr Governor’s unwavering commitment to driving digital transformation and embracing cutting-edge technologies, positioning Anambra State prominently on the global stage. 

We are inspired to continue pushing forward to an even more exciting future, where the possibilities for digital transformation and innovation are endless for our dear State.  _#EverythingTechnologyTechnologyEverywhere_ 

Anambra will WIN!

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