Sunday, January 23

Anambra 2021: Spiritualist prophesies dooms day for election manipulators

A psychic and spiritualist, Dr Mrs Flora Ilonzo has prophesied dooms day for manipulators of election in Nigeria.

She said she foresaw a situation where whoever manipulated the election would die of plane crash.

Ilonzo, who is the founder of the Centre for Psychic and Healing Administration (CPHA), also cautioned the politicians against using the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) or thugs to alter the outcome of the poll.

According to her, the ghost of people killed extra-judicially including those whose corpses were found at Ezu Rivers in 2012, slain separatists and victims of the defunct Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS), are currently crying for vegeance, and corrupt and unscrupulous politicians would be their victims.

She further warned politicians dumping their political parties to another to quickly return to their former party before the November 6 poll or get ready to witness dooms even in their families.

She said, “I see more killings coming to Anambra state and other states in South East. Politicians should be careful how they are jumping from one party to another. Anger of God and people killed unjustly are roaming the street to aveng their deaths.

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“What is happening in Anambra State and other states in the South East is not ordinary. I earlier prophesied about this issue of unknown gunmen but no one listens to me.

“The corpses dumped many years ago at Ezu Rivers, innocent people killed by SARS and others have not been appeased. There are so many blood in the land. There were people killed out of jealousy, envy and carelessness.

“There are so many corpses lying in the mortuary due to unresolved crisis. There is need to bury them. The Igbo nation must rise to appease the God for peace to reign.

“I want to appeal to families of politicians to warn them to stop jumping from one party to another. If not, the anger of people and God will be upon them soonest. And the families will be the worst hit because those politicians may not be around when their homes may be attacked.

“So, desperate politicians should be careful. Families of desperate politicians should be more careful and advice their beloved accordingly.

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“Everything about Anambra State is six. And her forthcoming gubernatorial election is slated to hold on 6. God deliberately allowed the state to be conducting her governorship election separately from others. No one should tamper with the electoral processes.

“Whoever dares to rig the Governorship election shall meet their waterloo. It must be credible, free and fair election. If not, I see a plane clash waiting for election riggers. I see them dying shamefully.”


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