Tuesday, January 18

Actor Frederick Leonard letting fame get to his head?

By: Abimbola Adelakun

Nollywood actor, Frederick Leonard, is a handsome and well sort after actor in the industry. He uploaded a picture on his Instagram page and captioned it “it’s going to be a wonderful week”.

One of his fans applauded it and then advised that he cut his hair a little bit. It seemed that the actor didn’t like the advice so he attacked her by saying “if you don’t like the hair you see, click on the unfollow button. You don’t tell me how to look. I’m not ur boyfriend/husband #Mindyourbusiness.”

The fan responded by saying it was just a harmless joke and she was sorry but the actor refused to listen and then blocked her. The celebrity must have felt too high to listen to a suggestion from his fan, not caring that the young lady apologized for something that was so harmless.

Shouldn’t Frederick Leonard be the one to apologise for his rude behavior?

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