50 Students Get Pashtu Language Certificates 

50 Students Get Pashtu Language Certificates 

PESHAWAR: Fifty students of various backgrounds completed a two-month long Pashtu language course held at Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar on Thursday.

Certificates distribution cermony was arranged in IMSciences on Thursday which was attended by Deputy Director IMSciences Peshawar, Waqar Ahmad, Coordinator ALEP Sikandar Tangi, doctor Yar Muhammad Maghmoom, doctor Zubair Hasrat, doctor Said-Ul Amin Kheshgi.

The course was offered by Culture, Literature, Arts and Development Organization (CLADO) in collaboration with Academic Linkages and Exchange Programs(ALEP), IMSciences.

The speakers said that Pashto as a language is being on the decline. They said to revive and keep the language alive the Pashtu classes were organized in two modes. 

Haris Shinwari said to facilitate Pashtu lovers online clases via zoom were also arranged. He said in-person classes for students were continued fot two months at IMSciences. 

Haris Shinwari said Pashtu classes was a wonderful experience they learnt much more they were missing in their mother tong. He said students of young age also benefited of sessions arranged during the two-month classes. 

He said more than 50 students graduated from the first batch. The course content ranged from basics of Pashto Language, Pashto Diction, Pashto Literature, Pashto Classic, Pashto Folklore, Pashtunwali and various other topics. 

Abdur Rehman said Pashtu was their mother language and it was their moral obligation to preserve it.

He said Pashtu language and Pashtu code was the need of the hour and everone need to practice it for initiating dialogue.

 Doctor Yar Maghmoom shared the anecdotes from his teaching journey said that the enthusiasm and affection of students with Pashtu language  gave him a hope for revival of mother tong. 

Khalida, a student, said that she had always been speaking Pashtu but never knew how to read and write and Pashtu language adhered her  identity and language.

 Another participant , Hashir Taimoor said that he always wanted to read the great names of Pashtu.

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