441 bags of Sugar seized in Torkham

441 bags of Sugar seized in Torkham

…Total 22050 kilograms of sugar was stored in the godowns

LANDIKOTAL: Authorities in Landikotal raided several godowns after they recovered a huge quantity of sugar bags in Torkham border town, officials said on Monday.

Assistant Commissioner of Landikotal Irshad Ali Mohmand told reporters that they conduct raids on several godowns in Bacha Mina locality in Torkham and recovered 441 bags of sugar from different godowns. He said total 22050 kilogranms of sugar was stored in the godowns allegedly to smuggle to Afghanistan. He said they cealed four godowns in Torkham where the suger was stored. He said suger was hoarded for illegal profiteering,artificial shortage of suger in the market.

Tee official seized suger was purchased in Peshawar and tried to smuggle it to Afghanistan via Torkham border. 
Assistant commissioner Irshad Ali Mohmand said the suger was taken into official custoday started.He said those involved in suger smuggling would be dealt under prevention of profiteering and hoarding Act 1977 and subsequently. other laws applicable investigation. 

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