40 Days In Office: PDP blasts President Tinubu for pauperising Nigerians

40 Days In Office: PDP blasts Tinubu for pauperising Nigerians

Phrank Shaibu, the Special Assistant on Public Communication to the 2023 Peoples Democratic Party(PDP), presidential candidate, has claimed that poverty has deepened, while inflation skyrocketed within the first 40 days of President Bola Tinubu’s administration.

He stressed that Tinubu’s administration had made Nigerians “susceptible to manipulation.

In a statement he signed, Shaibu insisted that the price of food had become exorbitant.

He said: “In just 40 days of Tinubu’s administration, poverty had deepened, and inflation had skyrocketed.

“Today, food has become a luxury. The purchasing power of the people has dropped no thanks to an unplanned petrol subsidy removal, which was not accompanied by any form of palliative.

“With just N1,000, any riffraff on the street could be handed a t-shirt and placard to engage in protests they know nothing about.

“This is how low Nigeria has sunk low since Tinubu took over the reins of government.”

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