Wednesday, January 26

3 dead as Truck crushes protesting farmers in Haryana

A terrible vehicle accident took place near the India’s capital Delhi today. A speeding truck ran over a divider resulting in the death of three women near the farmers’ protest site at Delhi- Haryana border. 

The women were reportedly sitting on the divider, waiting for an auto-rickshaw when the truck hit them. 

The driver of the truck ran away from the accident scene, police said.  

Those were protesting women farmers demanding repeal of Farm Laws. Two women farmers died on the spot and another female farmer died after being taken to hospital. 

Farmers have been protesting in Tikri area of Haryana for the last 11 months. The incident took place on the Delhi-Haryana border near Tikri. 

According to sources, the women were sitting on a divider at the scene, they were waiting for the auto rickshaw, suddenly a truck came at high speed and hit the divider. A wheel of the truck rises above the divider crushing the women. 

Two people died on the spot, while another died at the hospital. 

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Initially, it was learned that the women killed in the accident were residents of Mansa district of Punjab. They are members of the family of the farmers protesting at the Tikri border. 

Police said the driver of the vehicle fled the scene soon after the accident. How the accident happened will be clear only after detaining and questioning the driver. There is also the question of whether it was an accident or a conspiracy behind it.

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