Tuesday, December 7

27-Year old Doctor hangs self at Medinipur Medical College’s hostel

A Doctor of Medicine Student, Dr Mini Ghosh, committed suicide at the Girls Hostel of Medinipur Government Medical College and Hospital, near Kolkata in the State of West Bengal. 

Initially, the police estimated that it was suicide. The 27-year-old Mini Ghosh was a second year Post-Graduate student in the children’s department. 

Her dead body was recovered from the hostel room around 10.30 pm. The local police have started investigation. From the news source it was learnt that Mini Ghosh has made a presentation and had participated in the one seminar for senior doctors earlier in the afternoon. Later in the night, her hostel mates tried to call her but found that her room was locked from inside. 

Her classmates tried to contact her by continuously knocking on her room door but there was no response. 

The college management was informed and the door was finally broken, and she was found hanging in the room. While it is not clear why she took her own life, her colleagues, police and doctors suggested that it could be as a result of stress caused by the outbreak.

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In this regard, the head of the children’s department Mr. Tarapad Ghosh said, “Our initial guess is that mental depression may have caused suicide. However, no one knows the actual cause”. 

Police said that there is no suicide note and they have started investigation. An autopsy will be conducted at the medical college on Wednesday. 

Everyone is shocked by this sudden incident.

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