PTM Leader Injured In Islamabad Attack

ISLAMABAD: A man identified as Azad Dawar, along with his few friends, attacked the famous Pashtun Tahafuz Movement(PTM) leader and poet Gilaman Pashtin in Islamabad and seriously injured him, Pashtun Tahafuz Movement sources said on Sunday.

The sources said that Azad Dawar and his associates severely torchered Gilaman Pashtin in the capital city of Islamabad in a broad day light and left him severely injured. 

Gilaman Pashtin was later taken to the hospital.

According to doctors, Gilaman Pashtin is out of danger.

Meanwhile, PTM Head Manzoor Ahmad Pashtin, Khyber coordinator Aftab Ahmad Pashin,Yousuf Baheer and others strongly condemned the assassination attempt on Gilaman Wazir

They said that the state has become a stepfather, completely failing to protect its children, which is an invitation to a bloody revolution.

PTM leaders said that now, the public must rise above political divisions and unite for the sake of their future.

They said their struggle for peace would be continued and attacking PTM leaders and workers would not compel them to stop raising voices against the terrorism,extremism and barbarism against Pashtuns community in Pakistan.

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