Building collapse: ACTDA averts looming danger, ejects occupants from dilapidated structure

The Awka Capital Territory Development Authority (ACTDA) Development Control Unit has evacuated occupants from a dangerously dilapidated building in Ifite Awka, aiming to avert imminent danger posed by the property to the occupants.

Deputy commander of ACTDA Development Control Unit Mr. Ukachukwu Okonkwo informed occupants of the structure that the building appeared to be on the brink of collapse, saying the aim of the agency was to safeguard lives.

He noted that despite receiving eviction notices from the landlord, the occupants had refused to vacate the premises hence the  ACTDA’s intervention, aiming to avert any potential tragedy from the imminent collapse.

 “Our major aim is to forestall imminent danger of building collapse and save lives and property. We learned through the caretaker, that the owner had issued eviction notices, but the occupants refused to leave as no measures were in place,” he explained.

Okonkwo who emphasized the urgency of the evacuation said the enforcement team were on ground to evacuate the occupants to save lives. 

“We hope to collaborate with the owner to explore possible ways to salvage the building. If not, we will proceed with the full demolition of the structure, which poses a significant threat to the state and its citizens,” he stated.

The reporter learnt that the twin structure, located at Dubai Lodge on Five Decking Street, Ifite primarily houses Students, shows severe signs of distress with parts already cracking.

The caretaker, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, applauded  ACTDA for their timely intervention expressing optimism that the agency possessed the necessary capacity and expertise to handle the evacuation effectively.

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