GWT Demands Construction On Long Awaited Girls School In Gurguri

PESHAWAR: Office bearers of the non-profit organization Gurguri Welfare Trust (GWT) and social workers have appealed to the government to provide them protection to start the  construction work on the lone girls’ school in Gururi village of Tehsil Banda Daud Shah in District Karak.

Speaking at a croweded press conference in Peshawar on Thursday, GWT press Secretary Mubashir Ahmed,social worker Musa Khan and others said that a local resident Ahsanullah Muhammad Ayaz and his family donated two kanals of land in Gurguri village for the girls’ school in 2021. He said when they started construction work on the school building in 2022, some residents opposed the initiative and created problems for them to stop the cosntruction work on the school building but they continued the construction work. He said  Mubashir added that the Gurguri Welfare Trust organized charity events to convince residents for girls education and raise funds for the school building construction.

He said due to unavailability of girls’ school within a 50-kilometer radius in the Gurguri village, affecting around 3,000 girls future was at risk.

Musa Khan, a social worker, said that local militants were later  involved who threanted to stop girls school building and set on fire the Ahsanullah’s property and abducted Mubashir Ahsanullah three years ago.
He said after negotiations of local Jirga with taliban, Mubashir was released who was badely torchered while Ahsanullah Muhammad Ayaz fled from Pakistan after Taliban terrorists threaned him to kill for his social working and helping girls to seek education. 

Khan said they want to start construction work on the long awaited lone girls school in Gurguri village which could save the future of thousands of girls so far out of school.
The social worker said education was the basic and constotional right of girls like boys who should be given priority. He said educated mothers could give birth to social and educated nation.He said to fight extremism they should focuse on girls education. 

The GWT office bearers appealed from the law enforcement agencies, civil administration and education department officials to provide them security and financial assistance so that they could start construction work on the long awaited dream of the local residents. 

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