Teachers demand release of their missing colleague 

LANDIKOTAL: All Teachers Association(ATA) Landilotal chapter office bearers on Wednnesday  condemned the school teacher’s  abduction on strong possible words and demanded his forthwith release.

Speaking at croweded press conference here in Landikotal press club All Teachers Association chairman Rahid Shah Afridi, Deputy chairman Malik Nader Shah and other government schools teachers  condemned the abduction of a senior government school teacher Stana Gul Afridi. They said that he was picked up by unknown people from Landikotal bazaar on Tuesday. They demanded of the government to take serious step for safe release of their colleague.

Teachers including Farman, Shad Akbar, Khan Bahadur and Shafiq Rahman also spoke on the occasion.

They said that teacher Satana Gul Afridi was abducted by unidentified men wearing masks from outside the Tehsil gate in Landikotal.
The teachers said they met with the Landikotal Station House Officer(SHO) Amjad Khan Afridi but to no avail.

Malik Nadar Shah said it was unacceptable to them to pick up a teacher without prior notice and imforming the District Education Officer(DEO). He said the method of summoning teachers for investigation under false pretenses was against the law and unacceptable. 

Rahid Shah said if Stana Gul was being wanted in any case he would have appear before the authoritirs. He said Satana Gul was called by the police station’s Moharrer who admitted it, stating that Satana Gul had been questioned and then released. 

They said as Satana Gul out of the Tehsil compound in Landilotal he was picked up after leaving the gate.

Rahid said they requested for CCTV footages but the SHO said that the cameras installed near the official compound gate were outdated.

The teachers threatened that if Satana Gul was not released within few hours they would be compelled give the protest call at merged districts level and would file case against the Landikotal SHO.

They accused SHO Amjad Khan Afridi that the situation in Landikotal went deteriorated after he was posted. They also announced that they would no longer cooperate with the administration, condemning the deceit and humiliation inflicted upon them. 

It may be added here that Stana Gul Afridi,the missing school teacher, was the close relative of the slain journalist Khalil Jibran Afridi who was gunned down on June 18 in Ladikotal. 

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