Journalist Owned Snooker Club Torched By Militants

LANDIKOTAL: Militants torched snooker club owned by slain journalist Khalil Jibran Afridi in Sultankhel markets and threatened residents to support them in their cause otherwise they would face consequences, sources said on Monday.

They said that unknown men had smashed the door and window of the snooker club and set it on fire. The snooker club was owned by former Landikotal press club president Khalil Jibran Afridi who was shot dead near his home on June 18. Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan(TTP) claimed responsibility of the murder in a written pamphlet issued after the death of Khalil Jibran Afridi. 

The militants,torched the snooker club, had also pasted three different pamphlets on the walls of the market place and in they warned that those who reopen the snooker club would be their target. They also warned mobile shops upload  ringtones and songs in mobile cell phone would be their target. Militants termed the mobile ringtones and songs against Islam and said that it speard obscenity in the society. 

The militants, who did not show their affiliation with any ban terrorits group, written in Pashtu language that their ultimate goal was to establish Sharia law on the soil of Pakistan. They further said security forces, secrete agencies and their spies and those spread obscenity were their target. 

On the other hand, Khyber Siyasi Etihad with collaboration of journalists and civil society members staged a protest demonstration at Charwagay which was attended by thousands of people.They chanted slogans for peace and demanded probe of the murder of Khalil Jibran Afridi.

Meanwhile, the sit-in camp was continued on 14th day where political leaders, local elders and civil society members visited to show their solidarity with the slain journalist Khalil Jibran Afridi. They also demand security in Landikotal. 

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