Bishop Crowther: Anglican Primate urges Christians to say no to discrimination

Primate, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, His Grace, Most Rev Dr Henry Ndukuba has condemned all forms of discrimination in every strata of human society regardless of tribe, faith or profession.

He said discrimination was capable of taking humanity many years backward.

Speaking during a memorial lecture in commemoration of 160 years of consecration of Samuel Ajayi Crowther the first Bishop in Africa, Ndukuba appealled that all peoples, especially Christians should fight against all forms of discrimination.

The Primate, represented by Bishop of Lokoja, Kogi State, His Grace, the Most Rev Dr Emmanuel Egbunu further lamented that discrimination, racial or ethnic would hinder rather than promote cause of humanity.

“Discrimination, be it racial or ethnic will hinder rather than promote cause of humanity. It is also capable of taking humanity many years backward.

“I urge all peoples, especially Christians to fight against discrimination in every form of it,” he added.

Bishop Theologian of the Anglican Church of Nigeria, the Rt Rev Prof Dapo Asaju in his lead presentation, expressed worries over what he said discrimination caused Bishop Ajayi Crowther.

Ajasu, in his paper titled, “Bishop Ajayi Crowther… the unsung hero” regretted how much discriminatio n he said Crowther suffered in the course of his ministry.

 “Crowther was a victim of racial discrimination, his works were critisiced by young ambitious Whitemen who thought that the blacks could not be bishop over them. 

 “The charges against him were not brought to his knowledge for him to defend himself. He was suspended and later reabsorbed but he resigned the appointment and later died of stroke out of frustration because his work was not appreciated”, the bishop narrated.

The Prelate however underscored a few of what Crowther achieved as, saying, “He was a seed planter and a pioneer evangelist to Nigeria.

“He was the man with the most remarkable human transformation of features to become a bishop like Joseph, former prisoner who became priminister.

 “He was the first black Bishop in the whole world, among other contributions.”

Also in his own lecture, Asso. Prof. Kanayo Nwadialo regretted that Crowther was humiliated and insulted, in his later days, saying that most often “they pointed at him pured the most insulting language and called him a liar. 

“Crowther later died in 1891, but we are remembering him today because of what he did for God and people East of the Niger.”

Putting an end to the controversy of which Diocese is the first in Nigeria, Prof Nwadialor, asked, “if Niger was not the first indigenous Diocese in Nigeria, to which Diocese did Bishop Crowther, Lasbery and Tugwel belong?”

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