Protest held against the killing of Journalist Khalil Jibran

 Ashrafuddin Pirzada 

LANDIKOTAL: Journalists, political leaders and civil society jointly arranged a protest demonstration in Landikotal bazaar on Thrusday and demanded of the government to arrest the perpetrators and provide protection to journalists.

A large number of political workers,journalists and residents gathered at Bacha Khan Chowk in Landikotal Bazaar and chanted slogans against the brutal killing of senior journalist Khalil Jibran Afridi. They were holding placards and banners inscribed with slogans stop killing journalists and provide foolproof protection to the journalists in Khyber. They also condemned the failure of state institutions and security forces. 

Speakers including journalists Shah Rehman Shinwari and political leaders of ANP, JI, PPP, and PTI addressed condemned the failure of the state and security forces to eliminate terrorism even in smaller area in Landikotal.They emphasized that protecting journalists and citizens was a fundamental responsibility of the state, which they have failed to uphold.

The protesters highlighted the urgent need for a judicial commission to investigate the murder of Khalil Jibran.They expressed dissatisfaction with the security forces’ presence in the area, suggesting that locals might need to take up arms for their own protection. They demanded the removal of security forces and the evacuation of military posts from the region.

The protestors criticized the delayed response of the police and security forces during the attack on Khalil Jibran.They said that despite the passage of three days since the murder, the killers have not been apprehended. The speakers said civil and military officials not participating in Khalil Jibran’s funeral prayer raising questions about the efficiency of the state institutions.

The protesters demanded justice for Khalil Jibran Afridi and they called for long-term peace and security in the region. They urged the formation of a strong national alliance to ensure lasting peace.

 Landikotal press club president Shah Rehman Shinwari appealed to the Supreme Court to take Sue-moto and conduct a thorough investigation into the incident and called for a compensation package of Rs,10 million and free education for the deceased’s journalist children.

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