Concerned citizen raises alarm over Activist’s deteriorating health condition in Anambra prison

By: Chinedum Treasure

A concerned Nigerian citizen, Tanga Ugochi has raised the alarm over alleged plot to eliminate South African based right activist, Boniface Okonkwo in Nnewi prison, Anambra State.

Ugochi urged Prof Chukwuma Soludo-led government to ensure Okonkwo’s protection while in prison and after his release.

He said the state government would be  held responsible if the plot to kill the activist materialized.

He said, “He was arrested on 3rd January at Area Command Oraifite Ekwusigo Local Government Area Command Oraifite. Till today his life is in danger even in the Nnewi prison where he is still being detained. 

“There is one Oraifite person that was in the same cell with him. The inmate is officially allowed to be using phone inside the prison.  

“He is the agent monitoring Chief Okwuluoha Bonny Okonkwo inside the prison. Okonkwo’s life is highly under threat now inside that prison.  

“There is an authentic information and it is too serious concerning Chief Okwuluoha Bonny Okonkwo’s life. That if they failed to kill him inside that Nnewi prison that they will kill him outside, anytime that he is released. 

“Anambra State government under professor Soludo now must protect his citizens. Soludo must make sure that he protect Chief Okwuluoha Bonny Okonkwo human rights activist anytime he is released.  

“If the plan to kill Chief Okwuluoha Bonny Okonkwo human rights activist work as they had already planned, Soludo  government will be held responsible.

“Please don’t ignore this report it is serious because they will say that it is unknown gunmen that kill Chief Okwuluoha Bonny Okonkwo when it happens. He is already marked dead by systematically or otherwise.  

“Chief Okwuluoha Bonny Okonkwo human rights activist needs good protection anytime that he is release. Copy Anambra State governor Soludo and the Nigeria police authority in general.”

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