Exporters form body to enhance trade via Torkham

LANDIKOTL: Prominent exporters and traders from Landikotal here on Tuesday held a meeting at the residence of renowned trader Nasir Khan and formed a body to take iip various issues regarding trade activities via Torkham border.

The meeting was attended by Jaber Khan Shinwari,Ashfaq Shinwari, Sahib Rehman and Tariq Jameel, Aamirullah Afridi, Nisar Shinwari, Daulat Shah Afridi,Nauman, Hamzullah, Ghulam Nabi Afridi, Arshad Ali Afridi, Shah Sahib, Hasnain Shinwari and a number of other businessmen.

The meeting, chaired by Nasir Khan Shinwari, mainly focused on the necessity of forming a unified representative body to address collective challenges faced by exporters and proposed an immediate action plan, initiating a membership drive. 

The Interim cabinet was also formed by mutual consensus, considering the professional expertise and competence of its members.

The primary objectives of the Interim cabinet included of membership, registeration of the representative body with relevant authorities, drafting a manifesto and devising a cohesive action plan in the coming weeks.

President Jaber Shinwari emphasized the significance of the membership drive and urged prompt action, stressing the importance of practical measures.

The exporters duscussed the various  collective challenges faced by exporters. They said that soon they would launch their efforts to resolve their genuine matters to enhance trade with Afghanistan. 

The interim cabinet, comprising individuals selected based on their professional experience and competence, was tasked with key responsibilities including membership drives, registration processes, manifesto preparation, and action plan formulation. 

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