Journalist Killed In Targeted Bomb Blast

PESHAWAR: Khusdar press club president and two others were killed when his vehicle was targeted with a remote-controlled bomb in Khusdar on Friday,police said.

At least eight other people were also injured as a result of the deadly explosion.

Two injured individuals in the blast later succumbed to their injuries with the death toll rising to three, said the station house officer.

The killed passers-by were seriously injured in the remote-controlled blast and were brought to the hospital, while the other eight injured in the blast are undergoing treatment in different hospitals, police said.

 According to the police, the remote-controlled blast was carried out on the Sultan Ibrahim Khan Road on the National Highway.

The station house officer said that the journalist’s vehicle was the target of the blast and was hit when he was going to university from his home.

Police said that the journalist, who was associated with a local newspaper, had escaped an assassination attempt a few months ago.

Balochistan Home Minister Mir Ziaullah Langau strongly condemned the Khuzdar blast and directed the relevant authorities to present a report.

It may be added that the journalist was killed on the day on which journalists were celebrating “journalists protection and press freedom day” around the world.

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