Centralised Schools Exams concluded in district Khyber 

KHYBER: The firstever centralised exams system introduced in district Khyber successfully concluded in which 48,425 students of states-run primary schools participated,officials said on Sunday.

Assistant Subduvisional Education Officer(ASDEO)Wajid Khan told this correspondent that on the directives of directorate of education Khyber Pakhtunkhwa they introduced centralised exams system in all goverment schools. He said they constituted exams staff teams who supervised the exams in all primary schools in Landikotal,Bara and Jamrud tehsils in district Khyber.

He said likewise board exams, a singal date sheet and same papers for all schools were prepared.He said students from Kids Group(KG) to grade 5th participated in the centeralised exams. He said though it was a tough task for the education staff but it provided them an organized and cheating free path towards preparing the students to easliy attempt board exams in future.

Wajid said over all results of all primary schools in the district was 87 percent. He added that the outcome of the newly introduced exams mechanism was much better than the past years’ exams conducted at primary schools.

Wajid said 14425 students of 97 primary schools in Jamrud, 22000 students in  Bara while 12000 students of Landikotal appeared in the exams. He said they checked papers through a designated education staff and compiled results for all schools. 

The eduction officer Wajid Khan said they distributed prizes and school bags among the position holders of each school on the results day. He said they would soon conduct another written test among the all position holders of each school to chose top ten students among them in at district and subdivisional level.

Assistant subdivisional education officer of Landikotal Inayat Khan Afridi said they would also financially support and scholarships would be provided to the top ten students of states-run school in district Khyber. 

He said those teachers who work hard and their students excelled in the exams would be honored with certificates and cash prizes.He said next year they would further work on the centralised exams preparation so that they could bring more new methods and refine it from all kinds of favoritism and errors. 
Parents also welcomed the centralised exams system said that the new exams method was not only ensure fairness exams halls but it would also help understand the students to attempt competitive exams in future in a right way. 

It may be added here the government had announced new policy conditioned the teachers’ promotion to next pay scale with the schools over all annual results. 

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