LG boss distributes Safety kits to Okada riders in Anambra community

The Idemili South Local Government Area(ISLGA) Chairman, Hon Mrs Amaka Obi(Iyom Ifeabata) has called on illustrious sons and daughters of Anambra State to emulate  Chief Hamilton Emeka Ezeonu (Ikemba Nnobi) who recently distributed helmets, reflective jackets and food items to over  400 commercial motorcyclists (okada riders) operating within Nnobi community, Idemili South LGA, Anambra State.

Speaking during the occasion, Hon Mrs Amaka Obi (Iyom Ife-abata) after eulogizing High Chief Ezeonu with his wife for the numerous infrastructural and human capital developments he has invested and urged other wealthy personalities in Idemili South to emulate Chief Ezeonu.

“This is the Akuluouno – Think Home Philosophy, the Solution Governor, Prof Charles Soludo had been preaching. Ikemba Nnobi is not a politician yet he is always thinking about how to add value to his people and community.

“From road construction, to empowering women with grinding machines, Cassava fufu processing machines,Renovation of General hospital and Doctors quarters which has attracted more health workers and patients. I beg other stakeholders in Idemili South to learn from Chief Ezeonu and do likewise in their various communities, it would give Idemili South a face lift. 

“The helmets and jackets is not only for protection but for security. Now, any other okada rider without these gadgets can easily be detected to be someone from another community and closely monitored,” Mrs Obi said.

In his address Chief Emeka Hamilton Ezeonu (Ikemba Nnobi) said:”I am here to teach people how to lift their neighbor or somebody else’s hand. My father Samson Ezeonu (Sahara) who died 30 years ago taught me the need to show kindness to humanity saying that one is remembered by the good works he did to others not how rich he was, number of cars he owned nor how magnificient the person’s house was.

“This journey began Last year after empowering widows and some other women with both food and start up equipments for cottage industries, construction/tarring a kilometer road with drainages, renovation of the Nnobi General Hospital, Construction of Nnobi Divisional Police Tower among others developmental projects.

“I saw okada riders plying the tarred road and I said that if they fall, the injury could be fatal and I said that they should be riding with helmets. As soon as my wife heard it she said that I should go ahead and purchase the helmets for all of them.

“Also, I knew that there are some dark places along some of our roads and I said that these okada riders need  reflective jackets to identify them to avoid some Motorists bumping into them especially at night. 

“Also, when I heard that His Excellency was contemplating of banning Okada riders from operating in the entire state especially because of insecurity, I pleaded that we are going to do everything comportment wise and security wise to ensure that criminals do not infiltrate the okada association of Nnobi community.

Chief Ezeonu reminded people and government for the need to also map out programs for men saying that oftentimes only women and children are remembered at the expense of the males who bear the brunt.

Moreover, Dr Mrs Thelma Ezeonu urged the wives of the commercial motorcyclists to encourage their husbands to put on their helmets and observe other traffic rules in other to remain alive for their families.

However, the FRSC State Coordinator Special Marshall, Anambra State, Mr. Patrick Esumai sensitized the okada riders on the dangers of alcohol drinking and driving, injesting hard drugs substances, overloading, dangerous overtaking, and driving and listening to music with an earpiece.

“Do not be an Okwada (person who pulls down) just be an Okada rider who is conscious of himself, his passenger, other road users knowing that he has a family at home who needs him. Drunk driving or driving under influence of some substances can end one at the Othorpedic or mortuary,” said Esumai.

In his remarks, SA to Gov Soludo on Security matters, Hon Chigbo JohnChris warned the okada riders on the need to register for Security profiling after which a code will be issued and printed on every commercial motorcycle for security purposes. He thanked Chief Ezeonu for subsidizing the fee for the first 100 commercial cyclists that will register that day.

The Royal father of the day Igwe Engr. Nich Obi of Nnobi, Chairman Ifite village,Nnobi, Comrade Stanley Izuegbunam, Commander Eagle Squad AVS Nnobi, Mr Okwudili Ojukwu and Community Women Leader Nnobi , Chief Mrs. Ifeyinwa Nnekwelugo(Odiuko n’ mba) in their separate speeches thanked Chief Ezeonu and his wife for their philanthropy to the less privileged and for the developmental projects which has brought Nnobi community to the lime light.

They urged the okada riders and other beneficiaries of Chief Ezeonu’s benevolence to continue to pray for him and for God to raise more people who will be willing to share their God’s given wealth with the poor masses, think home towards community developmental projects and human capital development.

The leader of the Motorcycle Operators Union Nnobi, Mr. James Agbo on behalf of his colleagues thanked  Chief Ezeonu and his wife profusely saying that as God continues to bless his generation, his resources will never run dry.

Highlights of the occasion include pronouncing a gift of #100,000 naira for the most kind hearted commercial motorcyclist, Mr John Okpala Egede by Chief Ezeonu who said he intentionally advocates for kindness at all levels of life or fields of one’s endeavor.

Ezeonu Ikemba Nnobi also promised to hold another program cum project in December 2024 where the okada riders if they remain well behaved would be at the for front.

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