June 13, 2024

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Drugs Trafficking Pays terrorists In District Khyber

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LANDIKOTAL: District Police Officer Khyber Salim Abbas Kalachi on Wednesday said that police investigation suggested that 70 percent of narcotics traffickers and dealers have roots in banned terrorists organizations to collect money and use it in terrorism bids in Pakistan. 

Talking to this scribe, district police officer Salim Abbas Kalachi said police investigated 500 arrested drugs smugglers and dealers suggested that more than 70 percent of the narcotics smugglers were the touts and frontmen of terrorists organizarions who generate money through narcotics dealing and smuggling. He said terrorists then use the money in terrorism bids to create chaos in Pakistan.

District Police Officer said that Khyber police during the past one year have conducted a number of intellegence based raids in various areas and recovered a huge quantity of drugs including Ice, hashish,heroin,opium and other drugs.He said police have also cealed 35 drugs factories in Khyber and recovered different items and equipments being used in drugs manufacturing. 

He said from January 2023 to March 10,2024 they have recovered  different narcotics in police raids and during routine checking at police check posts including Torkham,Michni and Takhtabaig worth rupees four billions.

He said in the past one year police have seized total 435 kilograms heroin, 245 kilograms Ice drug,315 kilograms opium and 4000 kilograms of Hashish.He said they have also arrested 500 drugs traffickers.  He said a number of drugs traffickers have been sentenced rigorous imprisonment by courts. 

Salim Abbas Kalachi said a number of drugs dealing dens were also closed and cealed shops deal secretly in narcotics in Wazirdand locality of Jamrud tehsil.

In 1980s drug dealing and manufacturing was not considered as crime and against the law in Khyber where heroin factories were established at homes and hujras.

DPO Khyber said they were committed to rootout all social evils from the society He said they have addopted zero tolerate policy not to allow anyone either deal,facilitate or smuggle narcotics.He said by the fear of being arrested 90 percent of drugs smugglers fled from district Khyber who would also be chased hiding in other parts of Pakistan.

He ureg citizens to cooperate with police to break the nexus between police and drug smugglers.

Residents appreciated district police officer Khyber for the action taken against narcotics and its dealers. 

He said those arrested in narcotics cases were mostly Afghan nationals who were allegedly members of international drug mafia.He said heroin being made locally while Ice drug is being smuggled from Afghanistan.

He said the numbers of drug addicted persons especially youth was rapidly increasing in Khyber,causing other social and moral crimes in society.

He said drugs addicted youth in educational institutions was at top using ice drug in universities and colleges. 

It may be added here that in the past one year, DPO Khyber have dismissed 26 Khyber police officers from service who had links with drugs mafia and found them facilitating drugs smugglers.

He said they were working honestly and sincerely so that they could completely wipe social evils out from society to build a healthy and prosperous Pakistan.

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