Lawmaker sues for peace over crisis in Anambra communities

The lawmaker representating Awka South 1 constituency in Anambra State House of Assembly, Hon. Nigeria Henry Mbachu has taken a proactive stance to address the escalating tensions and property destruction.

The lawmaker, accompanied by a group of stakeholders and village leaders, assessed the vandalised facilities allegedly targeted by a group of cultists in these communities.

Mbachu who was deeply concerned about the extent of the destruction, appreciated the detrimental impact of cult activities on the progress and development of Awka town. 

The lawmaker, in response, issued a clarion call to all stakeholders, including community leaders, families, and non-governmental organisations, to unite in curbing the menace of cult-related incidents.

While stressing that conflicts were harmful to a society’s advancement, Mbachu encouraged the conflicting villages to pursue peaceful solutions and discover shared interests for the improvement of their communities.

He assured the affected leaders that legislative measures would be employed to facilitate the rehabilitation of the vandalised properties. 

“These facilities, once restored, will continue to serve the public and contribute to the overall well-being of the region,” he stressed.

Responding  community leaders expressed gratitude for the lawmaker’s unwavering support and commitment to legislative initiatives in the constituency.

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