Employers not authorized to permit corps members travel out of deployment states

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has announced that Corps Employers are not authorised to permit Corps Members to travel out of their states of deployment under any guise. 

Assistant Director, Corps Inspection and Monitoring (CIM), NYSC Anambra State, Lady Ogechi Mba dropped the hint while delivering a lecture on the duties of Corps Inspection and Monitoring.

She said the core mandate of her branch was to continously check and record the activities of Corps Members at their Places of Primary Assignment (PPA) in order to ascertain the quality and quantity of output, welfare, abstentism and conduct.

According to her, Local and Zonal Inspectors of the NYSC, as well as the Heads of the CIM branch carry out the assignment. 

“Any request to travel outside the state has to follow the channel of communication which is routing the request to the State Coordinator through the Zonal Inspector, through the Local Government Inspector and through the Corps Employer. 

“The essence of strictly adhering to the channel of communication is to keep track of the movement of corps members at all times. No Corps Employer is authorised to permit any Corps Member to travel out of the state,” she stated.

Mba further emphasized that abstentism from PPA attracted disciplinary action ranging from extension of service to repeat of service year. 

She enjoined corps members to stay in their PPAs and contribute to the development of their host communities.

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