Stakeholders assure crime-free community as Ezumeri set to produce Oraifite monarch

Elders and stakeholders in Ezumeri Oraifite in Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State have expressed their preparedness to produce the Eze Ora 11 of Oraifite.

They said they have men who could comfortably occupy the Igweship position and bring greater love, unity and understanding among the people of Oraifite.

Speaking on behalf of the stakeholders, lqa community leader, Nze Charles Muoma  (Chinyelugo Oraifite) said feelers from the four quarters of Oraifite town indicated that the people were looking up to Ezumeri village to present who would wear the Igweship crown in Oraifite.

He said, “People of Ezumeri Oraifite have all fastened their seat belts to produce the Eze Ora 11 of Oraifite. Late Igwe Gregory  Ude-Ubaka of Unodu Ibolo Oraifite was the Eze Ora 1 of Oraifite.

“The people have taken their seats in their Igweship Airbus, fastened their seats belts and ready to take off.

“They have been assured that the weather may be cloudy at this moment as their flight deepens into the Igweship skies.

“But with unity of purpose, resilience, determination and justice for all, the flight wil get to cruising level, giving way to safe landing in Oraifite with a Brand New Igwe on Board.

“God is on our side and we shall make history for Oraifite and Ndi Anambra.

“Together we fix a real New Igwe in Oraifite and everybody will be happy. Oraifite will become liveable and prosperous. There will be no more acts of criminality in the town. Everybody will be safe once more.

“Our Development Union will become stronger, vibrant and protect the interest of all Oraifite indigenes without fear or favor, equivocation or illwil. 

“A completely new Oraifite will be born where freedom of expression, movement and freedom of association are guaranteed. 

“Also our culture and tradition will be highly protected. With a new Igwe coming on board with the mandate of the people, Oraifite will take its rightful place in the scheme of things.”

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