June 14, 2024

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Soludo hands over National Light facility for construction of entertainment park

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Anambra State Government has handed over the premises of its defunct printing and publishing company, National Light for the construction of a Neigbourhood Leisure Park for recreational purposes. 

On the occasion were Commissioner for Culture, Entertainment and Tourism, Mr Don Onyenji, his counterpart in Housing, Hon. Pauly Onyeka whose ministry is the supervisory one, Managing Director, Awka Capital Territory Development Authority, ACTDA, Mr Ossy Onuko, who all extolled government’s decision to create a befitting recreational park for residents of the state.

Commissioner Onyeka said the ministry’s involvement is to ensure that the state government and indeed Ndi Anambra get value for every kobo to be spent on the project. 

“Our key role here is to make sure that the contract goes according to specifications, without shortcuts, cutting of corners. We are to ensure proper supervision of this work to make sure that our architect, builders  engineers and all our other professionals give the state what it bargains for in this project.

“The contract is to lend a boost to the resolve of Professor Chukwuma Soludo-led administration to give the citizens a livable, prosperous and smart mega city. The keyword here is livability. 

“Recreation is very important and Mr Governor is doing this to improve the life expectancy of our people so that people can go after work, relax themselves and be happy for it,” he stressed.

According to the Commissioner, the provision of the new housing policy in the state will be implemented to give other developers a perfect example of what is expected of them in terms of generating enough oxygen for the people. 

“With what the damage climate change has done to the earth, tree planting and green area is a compulsory requirement to generate enough oxygen for our people. In Nigeria, people are just living for the sake of living. 

“But Mr Govenror says in Anambra, we must live meaningfully. We want to make this place something that will be worthwhile for the neighbourhood,” he added.

Commissioner for Culture, Entertainment and Tourism, Mr Onyenji, said since the publishing company has ceased to exist by law, the government has resolved to convert the facility for a new purpose which will benefit the public.

“That is why the executive council approved the construction of a leisure park here. Anambra State generally is compacted, stocked up by buildings and human population and people don’t even have a place to breathe, relax, enjoy games as we have it in developed societies. 

“This is part of the disruptive change promised by Mr Governor when he was campaigning for election. As you can see, work has started already. The contractor is in site to redefine this place according to approval. But we are formally handing the place over to the contractor today. 

“The resolve by Governor Soludo to transform the state is without repentance. He envisions a mega city where people can come and relax and enjoy and work and live happily, This will elongate our lives. 

“The contractor is an environmental beautification expert. We have no doubt that she is going to do a good work here. We have references to what she had done already,” Onyenji said. 

On his part, Managing Director, ACTDA, Mr Ossy Onuko, described the project as part of the urban renewal plan of the Soludo’s administration which will be replicated in all local government areas. 

“You can’t talk about livable and prosperous homeland where people cannot even recreate and have leisure. So, we are dedicating the whole of this place as a leisure park. 

“Mr Governor has also promised to do similar this in all the local government and urban centres in the state. There is budgetary provision for that this year. 

“We believe that the contractor has the capacity to deliver this job on time as the contract stipulates. In few months time, we will come back here to begin to have leisure”. 

The Managing Director, Bludave Logistics Nigeria Limited, Mrs Odera Kela Ikeoku, assured that the contracting firm which has already mobilized to site, will deliver a job which its client would be proud of. 

“I can assure you all that by the time we finish up, you will be happy with what you will see here,” she said.

The project which is expected to be completed in six months, will have children Play Park, basket ball court, tennis court, sit out, among other facilities.

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