June 14, 2024

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Miva Open University hosts masterclass with Sim Shagaya

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Miva Open University has hosted a transformative masterclass session featuring Sim Shagaya, Chancellor of the University and Founder and Group CEO of the uLesson Group at its Abuja campus. 

The masterclass, open to both Miva students and the public, offered valuable insights and practical advice on entrepreneurship, innovation, and navigating the business landscape.

Miva Masterclasses are curated sessions where industry leaders share real-world expertise relevant to students’ academic pursuits. Sim Shagaya, recognized for his groundbreaking work in innovative entrepreneurship and education technology, captivated the audience with his journey and learnings.

Mr. Shagaya emphasized cultivating a “portfolio of ideas” and actively testing them to identify potentially successful endeavors. He highlighted the value of filtering these ideas carefully and aligning them with the entrepreneur’s expertise and team capabilities. 

“The most successful idea generally will lie in the field or realm of the entrepreneur’s specialization,” he stated. He also stressed the crucial role of timing and emotional attachment in driving the execution of these ideas.

Mr. Shagaya offered practical advice to budding entrepreneurs, urging them to prioritize compliance with regulations, such as business registration and tax payments. He delved into strategies for funding, marketing, and collaboration. He candidly shared insights on mistakes he encountered during his entrepreneurial journey, emphasizing valuable lessons learned.

The session also explored his vision for revolutionizing the K-12 education system through his work at uLesson and Miva Open University. He discussed how the innovative uLesson class board would contribute to achieving this goal.

The masterclass fostered an interactive environment, with participants comprising MIVA students, staff, and guests both physically present and virtually actively engaging in Q&A sessions and gaining further clarity on the discussed topics.

Miva Masterclass exemplifies Miva Open University’s unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality education that complements its diverse bachelor’s degree programmes. The recording of the Miva Masterclass with Sim Shagaya is available on the university’s YouTube channel (@mivauniversity).

To learn more about MIVA Open University’s programmes, admission processes, and other offerings, visit their website at www.miva.university or contact an Admissions Advisor on WhatsApp at +234 9132 300 000.

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