Adnan Qadri accuses ECP of not providing level playing ground for PTI candidates

LANDIKOTAL: Renowned religious scholar and PK-69 independent candidate Allama Muhammad Adnan Qadri on Saturday said that it was the prime obligation of election commission to provide equal election campaign opportunities to  candidates across the board so that they could reach every door in their constituency in Landikotal. 

Allam Muhammad Adnan Qadri was speaking “meet the press” programme arranged at Landikotal press club. 
He said they were not happy how the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf candidates and it leaders were being treated.He said Imran Khan and his party leadeds were confined in homes but other parties candidates freely running their election campaigns.

“It is unfortunate and bad luck of PTI not been given level playing flied to run election campaign”,said Adnan Qadri, added that PTI supporters were enthusiastic and trust them to cast their vote in their favour on February 8. He said his father and ex-senator Hafiz Abdul Malik Qadri and and his uncle and senior PTI leader Dr, Noorul Haq Qadri had done much more in district Khyber as his election  campaign was successfully undwerway. He said whereever he went in his constituency he was warmley  welcomed by residents for  which his thankful to all Landikotal,Shalman and Mulagori residents.
He said Imran Khan was his favourite leaders as he was Ashiq-e-Rasool(Belived of the Holy Prophet). He said Imran Khan’s Sejat Card,Rahmatulil Alameen authority were the greatest achievements he did for Pakistanis.He said millions of poor benefitted of Sehart Card which could not be ignored.He said despite many hurdles and tactics  used to defame Imran Khan his fame graph gradually going up every day.    

“As religious person I don’t believe in hollow promises but will show the difference if elected as provincial assembly member”,Qadri pleged. 
He said the provision of clean drinking water was the aim of his life to work on it as it was the long awaited demand and need of Ladikotal residents.
Adnan Qadri said he was following Imran Khan’s vision and would fulfill the promises he made with people. 

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