June 14, 2024

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11th NCCIDE Meeting: Celebrating Anambra’s Technological Wins

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In the vibrant realm of technology and innovation, Anambra State emerged as a beacon of excellence at the 11th National Council on Communication, Innovation, and Digital Economy (NCCIDE) meeting held in Kano State. 

The unwavering commitment of the Governor and the collective efforts of the Solution team led to four prestigious awards during the peer review session, a testament to the state’s commitment to technological advancement.

As captured in the memorable photo above when the Honourable Minister of Communication, Innovation, and Digital Economy, Dr. Bosun Tijani, privately inquired about the true stance of Anambra’s Right of Way (RoW) policy, whilst handing over the award for the overall Best State in Infrastructure Development, _I confirmed that our RoW policy is truly 100% free and I stressed that Mr. Governor is fully committed to this._

As the council progressed, the Minister jokingly stated, _”Anambra, you may have shone this year but I assure you that many more states are coming up and would give you a run for your money at the next council meeting.”_

I felt it was a fair comment, and when I had the chance to speak, I seized the opportunity to express our readiness to host the next council meeting, subject to Mr. Governor’s approval, in order to highlight the ongoing tech revolution in Anambra State. The point was to illustrate that what we presented at the event captures only a fraction of the larger tech revolution going on in the State, as Anambra is actively engaged in numerous technology projects at various stages of development and implementation.

The distinctive feature of our Kano experience was opting for Dr. Florence Idigo, a civil servant and director at the Agency, to deliver the presentation on behalf of our state. This decision signposted our conviction that success in technology is not solely dependent on technical expertise; instead, it requires collaboration and comprehension from all relevant stakeholders. It revolves around engaging individuals with a grasp on the significance of the state’s advancement.

This victory is a testament to the collaboration, acceptance, and commitment of critical stakeholders in the Government and the state’s technology ecosystem.

Beyond what was shared at the meeting, the ICT Agency is working closely with other MDAs on initiatives such as Budget Automation, Telemedicine Deployment, Public Wi-Fi, Hospitals Management Platform, Automation of Hospitals, Citizen’s Engagement, SEE/TBI Project Monitoring Dashboard, Strategy for a State-Owned CERRT, Identity Management Initiative, State Assets Platform, Automation of the Judiciary and many more innovative projects.

Anambra State now proudly stands on the technology map of Nigeria, a result of the goodwill and political resolve of Mr. Governor to embrace and invest in technology.

Our deepest gratitude goes to Mr. Governor, Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo, CFR, for providing an enabling environment that has propelled Anambra State to new heights in technological advancement and in other important facets of development. We would also like to thank the entire State Executive Council, the Solution Team, the media, and Ndi Anambra for their unwavering support.

The Anambra State ICT Agency continues to look forward to a future marked by technological advancement, innovation, and unparalleled progress for our dear State.

Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata (CFA)

MD/CEO, Anambra State ICT Agency

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