Polio Sensitization Session Held in Tehsil

DISTRICT KHYBER: District Emergency Operation Centre (DEOC) on Wednesday conducted a sensitization session for the upcoming anti-polio campaign at tehsil Landikotal which was attended by officials and locals.

  Tehsil chairman Haji Shah Khalid Shinwari, assistant commissioner, Irshad Mohmand, local government representatives, line departments and key tribal, political and religious influencers were invited to the session held at Landikotal jirga Hall.

Speaking on the occasion, District communication officer and Polio eradication initiative District Khyber Said Afzal Shinwari siad that the  upcoming a week-long anti polio campaign commencing from 2nd of October. He said it will be continued till October 8. He said the children of entire district including tehsil Landikotal, Jamrud and Bara would be vaccinated. He said all polio teams were tasked to pay visits to each household so thar each child could be vaccinated polio drops.

Said Afzal said polio vaccination of all children under the age of 5 would get anti polio drips.He said that in order to aware community and to gain their support a comphrensive mobilization and awareness programs were conducted in all Union Councils of the Khyber district which could help polio drive successful. He said local edlers and civil society memebers along with the officials would be incontact to reduce the possibilities of refusal cases.He said they would mark increase parents trust on health staff and polio vaccination.

The polio official said they also shared the data of last campaign with only 45 children were noted as refusals and those too were linked to different their personal  demands.He said Pakistan was among few countries where polio virus still exists which should be eliminated as soon as possible. He requested all influencers and stakeholders to join their hands together for polio eradication.

Tehsil chairman Shah Khalid Shinwari assured his full support for smooth vaccination and dialogues with the refusals families. He also stressed upon the need for active participation of all stakeholders for successful campaign.

Assistant commissioner of Landijotal Irshad Mohmand said that no campaign could be successful without an active support of stakeholders and community.He hoped that the week long anti polio campaign would  achieve its desried targets .

At the end of the session, tehsil chairman Shah Khalid along with assistant commissioner also formally inaugurated the upcoming campaign by adminsitring polio drops to few children in Landikotal.

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